Afternoon Tea is a tradition started in 1840 by one of Queen Victoria's very own ladies-in-waiting. It soon blossomed into a nationwide event and a reason to sit down with loved ones and enjoy tea, cake, and each other's company.In this zine, the characters of The Great Ace Attorney will be doing exactly that. Whether it's Susato introducing Iris to Japanese teas, or Soseki debating literature over cake, this project aims to highlight the characters' bonds and the decadent afternoon tea's of the victorian era.

Interest check open may 25th - June 25th


Afternoon Tea is a tea themed The Great Ace Attroney zine. This zine will get both a psychical and digital release and profits will go to a charity that the contributors will help choose.


Interest Check25th of May
Interest Check Closed25th of June
Applications Open30th of June
Applications Close10th of August
Application ResultsAugust 15th
Idea PitchesAugust 15th
Creation Period StartsAugust 20th


Q: What is a zine?
A: A “zine” is a fan-produced magazine, typically created in small, limited-run batches. They are found in a variety of forms including digital pdfs to physical booklets. Often times they are accompanied by fan-made merchandise. Zines are not official merchandise and have no affiliation to the creators of the source material the zine is based on.
Q: Which characters are allowed in this zine?
A: All of them! We hope to display a wide range of the characters from TGAA, so none of the characters are off the table.
Q: Are ships allowed in this zine?
A: This zine intends to focus more on platonic bonds, but we may allow implied ships on a case by case basis.
Q: Where will the funds go?
A: All funds will be going towards a charity that the contributors will help choose.
Q: Will this zine have a physical copy?
A: Yes!
Q: Will contributors receive a free copy of this zine?
A: Yes, contributors will get a free PDF of the zine, and any digital merch if ever. If we end up going physical, we aim to give all contributors a copy of the physical zine which will depend on the sales.
Q: Will people who support problematic relationships/content (aka "pro-shippers" and "anti-antis) and be allowed on this zine?
A: No. For the safety and comfort of everyone involved with the zine, we will not be allowing anyone who condones problematic content—fictional or not—in the zine. This includes topics like pedophilia, incest, rape, and sexual assault. We are very firm on this stance and will not be answering any questions on it.



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